When you get stuck in the spin cycle with your cartoon elephants (emotions)!

Some people spend their whole lives stuck in the spin cycle with their cartoon elephants- going around and around and around and around and around.

If this is you, it may feel as if getting out of the washing machine is simply not an option.

This is what you need to do: Notice.

When you start to notice, you may have to work hard on noticing things. One of the things you might start to notice is where the elephant is in relationship to you. If the elephant’s foot is stuck in your face, and it’s knee is under your armpit, then you are at least starting to notice something.

Noticing something is one step removed from noticing nothing. Once you start noticing the something you can try to notice if you can notice anything more. What characteristics, nuances, or subtleties can you pick up on? What else is it about the cartoon elephant that puzzles you, draws your attention, or keeps you focused on it?

You may notice that the cartoon elephant is stuck to you. It may feel like you can’t get away from the elephant, or the elephant is too close for your personal comfort. You may notice not liking or wanting the cartoon elephant around.

What is it about the cartoon elephant?

Often when I am confused, surprised, or agonizing over a particular emotionally charged circumstance I’m asking myself what IS it about this circumstance, or this situation, or this feeling…and I try to step back and get as much information as I can. If I pay attention carefully, without dismissing or judging, the feelings actually give me information.

What information can you get- even if it seems subtle or irrelevant- when you start to observe your cartoon elephants?