Individual and group psychotherapy for adults

If intense, extreme, or painful emotions interfere with the ability to:

  • Solve problems
  • Act in alliance with values
  • Manage frustration and overwhelm
  • Do what is needed to be effective in life
  • Step up to the plate/ be responsible
  • Maintain self respect
  • Specify requests or clarify intentions
  • Ask for help and be willing to receive help
  • Find intimacy and connection
  • Maintain strong relationships
  • Tolerate uncertainty or ambiguity
  • Engage in meaningful and fulfilling activities
  • Be compassionate with yourself

If what you are doing

  • Is no longer working for you
  • Needs to change
  • Is a repeat of old patterns, problem behavior, or is just plain stuck
  • Isn’t creating opportunities to do or make things better better
  • Renders you ineffective with the problematic people in your life

And if you are looking for help

  • Current life situations call for practical, effective, and realistic solutions
  • Life is hard and relationships take work
  • Knowing “why” doesn’t help you change what you are doing
  • Blaming isn’t solving

Life is about approaching things that are necessary but hard…When what you are doing no longer works for you, it is a good time to move on to something different

I can help

  • What are the things you do to distance yourself from others?
  • What are the things you do to connect you to others?
  • What is working and not working for you?
  • How can we describe, characterize, identify, and work with your “stuck”?
  • What realistic, practical, and real life solutions are available?
  • How can you set limits, generate resources, maintain self respect, and find compassion?
  • How we can help you analyze and understand yourself better?

With over 20 years of experience, I can move you toward more skillful behavior and more skillful solutions 


Group can also help!

Group is a place of embedded social connections

where people solve problems together 

  • Observe the behaviors that connect you to others and the behaviors that distance you from others
  • Stop going about it alone
  • Reduce social isolation and sense of loneliness
  • Be challenged or respond to new challenges
  • See how others see you
  • Share with openness and transparency
  • Reduce judgment while acknowledging real life consequences
  • Use your community to ask for help
  • Rehearse skills for how you can approach people or situations in real life
  • Reduce emotional confusion
  • Let your emotions help you
  • Organize effective action
  • Get perspective

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“I’ve been in therapy for years and years, and in the little time I’ve been in this group I’ve made the most changes in my life.” 

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