Why You Need Cartoon Elephants

My self-published book about Cartoon Elephants (a metaphor for emotions)  is available here. The book is a whimsical self help guide featuring my own graphic design and artwork and is highly recommend for the following reasons:

• Cartoon Elephants approach painful emotions with humor.
• Whether they believe it or not, everyone has cartoon elephants. (Research citations are in the book).
• Because it is a graphic book with pictures and fun fonts, it is an easy read.
• The elephants will fit nicely on your coffee table next to big picture books about Africa and Asia.
• Cartoon elephants are great for starting conversations.
• Cartoon elephants will never go out of style.

Here is a link to the book on Amazon. (The book is print on demand and therefore you will not find it in a traditional bookstore. However it is available at the Stoneham Public Library for free with a library card).

Here is what some well respected colleagues have to say about Cartoon Elephants:

“The (Guide) is not simply fun and engaging, it’s imminently useful for all of us – and really, it’s all of us – who must learn how to handle the cartoon elephants that inflate their way into our lives or pop up at inconvenient moments.”
–Matthew D. Skinta, Ph.D., Clinical Health Psychologist & Researcher, San Francisco, CA

“In this thoughtful, sensitive and humorously illustrated guide, Dr. Renee Hoekstra distills years of clinical experience in working with clients who struggle with painful emotions into a compendium of step-by-step guidelines for dealing with one’s unwanted emotions with acceptance and wisdom, compassion and hope.”
–Mavis Tsai, Ph.D., Seattle, WA

“Renee Hoekstra has constructed a charming and accessible allegory that addresses painful and challenging material in a fresh and friendly light.”
–Michelle L. Imber, Ph.D., ABPP, Clinical Neuropsychologist.

“Dr. Hoekstra has illuminated a mindful approach to psychological suffering, incorporating current best practices with a captivating cartoon book showing us exactly how it’s done.”
–Beth Brownlow, M.D., Psychiatrist, Concord, MA

“Rarely does one find a book that is both whimsical and practical; especially one that deals with the world of difficult feelings.”
-Leisl Rockart, Ph.D., Boston, MA

“With her creative and playful cartoon elephants, Hoekstra communicates complicated lessons about emotions and emotional well-being.”
–Christy Matta, M.A., author of The Stress Response: How Dialectical Behavior Therapy Can Free You From Needless Anxiety, Worry, Anger, and Other Symptoms of Stress.

“This book is a humorous, caring way to teach principles and techniques to manage intense emotional states.”
–Gordon Herz, Ph.D., Madison, WI