Group is a place of embedded social connection where people solve problems together

  • Observe the behaviors that connect you to others and the behaviors that distance you from others
  • Stop going about it alone
  • Reduce social isolation and sense of loneliness
  • Be challenged or respond to new challenges
  • See how others see you
  • Share with openness and transparency
  • Reduce judgment while acknowledging real life consequences
  • Use your community to ask for help
  • Rehearse skills for how you can approach people or situations in real life
  • Reduce emotional confusion
  • Let your emotions help you
  • Organize effective action
  • Get perspective

Overall groups are designed and structured to improve/ increase: 

Reciprocity, giving and receiving feedback, acknowledgment of distress and difficulty, awareness of impact and consequences of behavior on others, connection, warmth, transparency, openness, expressions of vulnerability, ability to be present with people who share different values, allow others to help, be helpful to others, connect to people within your demographic, self respect, capability, inner wisdom, getting in touch, being present to the moment

Overall groups are designed and structured to reduce/ decrease:

Ranting, overbearing behavior, avoidance, dominating behavior, disorganized behavior, perseveration behavior, antagonizing behavior, extremist behaviors, threat escalating behaviors, argumentative behaviors, generating explanations for causes of behavior that is based on the past, intellectualization, emotional confusion, interrupting behaviors, condescending behavior, self destructive behaviors, self destructive threats

About Group

  • Groups are set up and structured according to persons with similar life circumstances, similar demographics, and similar age ranges.
  • Groups are generally highly cohesive and generate long term peer cohorts of intentionally formed community supports
  • People need services until they don’t- no arm twisting involved to continue
  • Groups currently meet on zoom

I can’t take just anyone- You will be expected to:

  • Complete a pre-screening process
  • Complete an exercise on analyzing functions of your own behavior
  • Work collaboratively with me
  • Make a commitment to show up
  • Make a financial commitment
  • Identify specific treatment agendas and targets
  • Live in Massachusetts
  • Most clients are educated professionals, parents, or retired persons that can navigate online services and reading material without issues
  • Clients are post college age (over 22)

Format of Group

  • Content is available/ offered via worksheets and exercises from
    1. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) by Marsha Linehan
    2. Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) Therapy by Russ Harris
    3. Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) by Mavis Tsai and Robert Kohlenberg
  • We loosely follow a syllabus that generates weekly content for perusal outside of group
  • We always start with a mindfulness exercise geared to shift gears, get focused, quiet the mind, regulate emotion, and be present to the moment
  • Check in with group members about requests for time
  • Reciprocate how time is used
  • Generate skills for active listening and validation
  • Allow others to solve their own problems in the context of available feedback and solutions
  • Be nonjudgmental in observing and describing behavior
  • Generate skills practice, rehearsal, feedback, and interpersonal repertoire
  • Emphasis on doing what works and being effective
  • End with observations, appreciations, or wishes/ hopes for other group members during the week
  • Groups are generally 4-7 people
  • Groups meet 1.5 hours currently on zoom

New groups form based on availability within certain time constraints and clustered demographic placements.

Current groups include:

  • 20/30 something group focusing on managing mood and trauma history meeting Tuesday evenings at 7:30
  • Established professional women’s group meeting Tuesday evenings at 6:00
  • Married women with children Thursday morning group at 9:30
  • All groups meet for 1.5 hours weekly

Contact me to find out if group is the right choice for you

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