Taking emotional risks

I am currently participating in a research training on Functional Analytic Psychotherapy in which I am being asked to take an emotional risk on a daily basis. An emotional risk is a relationship risk “in the realm of increasing contact with your experience of your heart, feelings, spirit, or self.” Those of us participating in the study are being asked to share our experiences of taking risks with each other.

When we take emotional risks we do things that are scary. We “put ourselves out there.” We do things to expand our awareness, to push against our tolerance of what is “safe”, and to expand ourselves in a way that creates openness and energy. Matters of the heart become more visible. We may have a direct conversation about something that is intimidating. We may do something that we would prefer to avoid. We may do what we think is “right” and “wise” despite being downright scary. We may also put ourselves out there by taking an emotional risk, and other people may not respond in a way that we anticipate or expect.

Taking emotional risks is a big part of finding meaning, expressing appreciation, being direct, and making the time to value our relationships.

What types of emotional risks might you take this week?