Quit ignoring me!

Don’t ignore me!

I am your emotion. I am a red flag and I am trying to get your attention:

See Here.

Look This Way.

Yoo hoo.

Mostly you try to squelch me away in the pit of your stomach where I have become a knot.

I will tell you one thing I know for certain: I do not like being a knot.

Sometimes I get carried away and I run rampant all over the place. I am messy and sometimes unpredictable. But I’m also loveable. You may need to rein me in once in a while or steer me in certain directions. However, I am capable of being reined in. Once you rein me in, though, it’s probably in your best interest to let me help you figure stuff out. Once you LISTEN to me, then we talk about me leaving. Then- and only then- because in order to get me to leave you have to see me for what I am first.

I’m actually here to give you really important information. Sometimes this information can save your life. I’m generally the one telling you things like “Oh! You really are in love!” or “Get out of there but fast!” or “You really don’t like this.” If you actually start listening to me I will tell you what you want and don’t want.  As a team we could figure it out. And then perhaps you can start solving some problems.

Sometimes I can be a pain- okay I admit it. But if I were NO pain at all you would go on and on and on ignoring me. Although you may not realize it now, this will cause you problems.

I am trying very hard to get you to see this.

Sometimes it takes a life crisis for me to get your attention.

A life crisis.


But HERE I am. So quit trying to ignore me. Look at me! But when you look you actually have to see me. Because I’m not going away until you do.


Not going away until you start paying me some attention.