Behavior Chain Analysis Worksheet

What made you vulnerable before the event even began?
Were you biologically vulnerable (ie, not getting enough sleep or food, using mood altering drugs, being sick)?
Was your emotional arousal high before the incident happened? Rate your emotional arousal on a scale of 1-10.
Can you think of anything that was going on in your environment that was upsetting or distressing prior to the event occurred?  (ie, conflict with someone else, being reminded of something painful, loneliness)
What were you thinking or feeling prior to the incident?

Prompting event
Did you know/were you aware you were going to engage in the behavior to be targeted?
(How did you first know you were going to engage in the behavior to be targeted?)
What actually happened? What were you thinking at the time? What were you noticing/experiencing?
What were your expectations about the event? What did you expect would change?

Consequence (what is the cost/benefit of what you are doing)
What were the positive outcomes?
What were the negative outcomes?
What made it more or less likely that you would engage in this behavior again?
Did your behavior solve any problems? Did it lower emotional arousal, help you escape a painful situation, feel validated, feel better?
How do you feel about the behavior?
How did your behavior affect your environment/ other persons?