A quiet moment

This week while I was practicing mindfulness I had an image of me sitting quietly while all the chaotic and agitating things around me kept on going.  In some ways it was a nice revelation in which I could allow myself a moment of peace. Sort of like, I could simply sit still and not be caught up in every urge to problem solve, fix, care for, attend to, and do something about what was going on.

In this moment of quiet I had the opportunity to simply observe. And it wasn’t like there weren’t any problems to be solved, but the moment of quiet gave me a moment of opportunity. Sort of like everything became acceptable and made sense despite me not liking or wanting it.  And somehow I could embrace what was going on in front of me, sort of speak, openly and without misgivings.

This moment was a very brief moment indeed, but it is the kind of thing I wish other people could experience.

If only briefly!