A great resource

I was thinking recently after hearing Jon Kabbat-Zinn talk about mindfulness about the being-here-now business. When I get distressed I feel like I’m here now, but generally my distress is tied to worries worries worries. Most of the time, even though I’m taking steps towards problem solving, the worries get me all bent out of shape. I try to go back to doing what is effective and doing just what is needed in the moment. So many times when someone is doing mindfulness with me, that grounded-ness business happens a bit easier. When I’m alone, well, that’s a bit more difficult.

So I’ve recently discovered a credible little website that gives “instant mindfulness.” It’s got some creative little resources and a lot of energy behind it. Check out www.dbtselfhelp.com. You’d be surprised what the folks to get through DBT can turn around and give right back.