10 ways of getting through a crisis:

  1. Remember what matters- Connect with those you care about. Bring to mind, relive, remember, and cherish the connections you have and what your current relationships mean to you.
  2. Look for meaning in the current situation. See if there are any positives. Sometimes being in a lot of pain makes you more sensitive to others who go through the same thing.
  3. Keep in mind the “bigger picture” and long-term goals. If you don’t have a “bigger picture” or long term goals, start making them. Working towards long-term goals also produces positive emotions and a sense of mastery and achievement.
  4. Consider what you have that other people don’t have, and how other people could be jealous of what you have. Look for what this is- whether it is a job, an able body, health, a place to live, a relationship, or a child.
  5. Take care of what you need to take care of in the current moment.
  6. If you can’t solve the problem right now, do something restful and restorative.
  7. Maintain balance in your life by giving your mind a “break”- plan adaptive distractions that have nothing to do with your current life stressors.
  8. Remember that physical activity can help you “shift gears” by releasing endorphins and changing your physiological arousal. Since changing physiological arousal is also associated with emotions, this can also help you with your emotions.
  9. If overwhelmed, focus on doing what you can do. If you are able to achieve or accomplish one step, then you can move on to the next. There is only one way to get through a crisis- and that is one step at a time.
  10.  Consider your options for how you typically respond to a crisis, and see if your options include complete avoidance, making things worse, or escalating in a way that doesn’t solve problems or is not helpful. Take the first step towards doing what works and what will get problems solved the fastest.