You don’t have to be an Olympic vaulter in order to handle elephantine sized emotions!

That’s right!

I have been working very hard on my book The emotional extremist’s user’s guide to handling cartoon elephants: How to solve elephantine emotional problems without getting lost, stuck, run over, chased, flattened, squished, or abandoned by your true cartoons.

What a project! As the author, illustrator, and graphic designer of the cartoon elephant project, I have to tell you this is no easy task. I have been working on the cartoon elephant book for some time now. It actually started in 2008 when I was looking for creative ways to teach people how to handle emotions. And it’s already 2012!

Why is this project taking me so long? Mostly because I’ve never written anything that is mostly graphic design. In this journey I’ve created a lot of watercolor paintings, learned Adobe InDesign, and made may way through multiple revisions with ongoing feedback from clients, colleagues, peers, and family. The current working draft is approximately 180 pages.

Yes! I have a lot of cartoon elephant tips to share. I’m aiming for the cartoon elephants to have their very own website near the end of August. I keep thinking…I’m almost done with this book…But when I start editing, arranging, and laying out pictures I realize that I’ve got to give it my best. Sometimes I get overwhelmed. But I keep plugging away. And that ends up taking time. I am persistent. I have not given up.

So if you have been patiently waiting on the cartoon elephants… know that I have not forgotten you. In the end, it will be worth it.