Life is about loss

One of the best classes I took in graduate school was called “grief and loss.” I loved this class because it normalized the concept of loss in a broad and meaningful way. Losses became not only about finite loss through death, but losses experienced throughout life. Loss became a myriad of unspoken or unacknowledged grief. It was a very intense summer (the class was brief but powerful). Participants were encouraged to consider losses throughout their life and to acknowledge intense losses through a meaningful class project.

When I started the class we were asked to brainstorm “what” is lost. Here is an example of some of the brainstorms:

Loss of youth
Loss of home
Loss of relationships
Loss of pets
Loss of an ideal way of being parented
Loss of innocence
Loss of security
Loss of safety
Loss of opportunity
Loss of culture
Loss of job
Loss of career
Loss of health
Loss of functioning
Loss of being able to eat flavorful foods
Loss of a sense of place

What person, place, or experience are you missing right now?
What loss or losses are unacknowledged in your life?
What are you grieving, mourning, or missing out on?

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