Decrease emotional sensitivity

One of the skills for reducing painful emotions includes doing activities that generate positive emotions. The overall purpose is that having people, activities, and things your life that you feel good about creates a buffer from intense negative emotions. In other words, one extremely painful life event may be mitigated well if you have positive life experiences and supportive relationships. Thus negative emotions, while intense, may not have the same impact.

One of the things I do when I am having a hard time is to recall/ remind myself of positive life events and try to find audiences that can value and appreciate my efforts. In my groups, if people say they have no positive life events, I suggest they make something up just to participate in the sharing, the telling, and the rehearsing of something pleasant or something going well. And especially if they have nothing in their lives that they like or enjoy, the goal would be to start working on creating that.

So perhaps for this week, find something that you feel good about, something perhaps you are proud of, something that you value, or even an event that you look forward to attending.  If you are missing someone or something that is gone, perhaps you could remember or honor their memory by recalling an aspect of the relationship that was especially meaningful to you. If you have an attentive audience, make sure that you pay attention to how it feels to be discussing these aspects of your life with the person who is listening.