What is like to do individual sessions?

Here are some videos:

Beginning treatment with me: The FAP life events inventory


How individual therapy with me works: Using the FAP session bridging questionnaire.


What therapy with me is like: Questions from the Mid-Therapy Questionnaire


My training is based on a treatment known as Functional Analytic Psychotherapy, an internationally recognized and researched treatment developed by Mavis Tsai and Robert Kohlenberg at the University of Washington in Seattle. FAP is part of what is known as the “third wave behavior therapies”, which include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapies.

FAP is a treatment that focuses on enhancing the therapeutic relationship. Because disclosure, risk taking, closeness, and sharing all typically happen in psychotherapy, clients have to consider which walls they want to let down and which walls they want to keep up. Letting down walls in order to be seen and known can create a fair amount of anxiety and uncertainty.

In FAP, we sometimes focus on how the experiences outside of our sessions might literally show up inside the sessions. Alternately, the work we do in sessions also translates to life changes outside of sessions. Hence, FAP is experienced change that has a direct effect on your real world.

FAP is also a treatment that encourages both the therapist and the client to “show up” and be present to the moment. Typically, when people are “showing up” they feel connected, engaged, interested, and even emotional in the session. This is different from spending sessions “going through the motions”. It also means risking uncertainty, being human, making mistakes, and giving feedback.

FAP has helped me to be a better therapist. It has also helped me find a framework so that I can talk to you like a human being. It helps me say things “This is what I see that is relevant to why you came to me”, or “This is related to the place where you keep getting stuck”, or “There is a relationship to what is happening in this moment to what you keep describing.”

If you want more information on this treatment, you can read about it at www.faptherapy.com. In fact, if you want to help me become an even better therapist, you can opt to let me record some of our sessions. This would allow me to be an even better therapist by obtaining direct consultation from the experts.