Referring Providers for Adolescents/ Teens in North Boston area

Thinking of referring a client?

Thank you for thinking of me! I am happy to provide additional services for your client in a group setting. My groups are unique in that I take teens from different high schools into each group and discourage outside-of-group contact.

  • I am happy to collaborate services and I welcome meeting new referring providers.
  • I believe that group is an extremely valuable and powerful opportunity for growth and change.
  • I believe in keeping individual providers informed, and have all new incoming clients sign releases.
  • Every adolescent has an individualized treatment plan and tracks data (behavior) throughout the group.
  • In general, I don’t typically see adolescent clients in both individual and group- thus, if your client were to leave group he/she would remain under your care.

If you have a current client in my group I will invite you to join my mailing list for referring providers. Referring providers receive

  • Weekly updates about what we do in the groups. This will include a general description of content, skills, discussion topic, or themes in the group and does not include any confidential information.
  • A description of what we do for mindfulness.

Referring providers can include individual therapists, physicians, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, registered dieticians, or other healthcare providers who have regular contact with the identified adolescent. If you have a client who is in my group, please e-mail privately at .

I generally admit adolescent girls ages 14-18 and treat a wide range of presenting problems. Because individual members have different needs, they will help define the content and discussion of the group and provide me with the challenge of responding to diversity. I will consider clients outside of the 14-18 age range if they are a good fit for the group. Don’t be afraid to e-mail or call me and discuss your referral. Bear in mind that I do not take insurance, but have had clients successfully reimbursed by their insurance companies after paying in advance for the groups.

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