Pre-group Package

What does the pre-group package include?

Purpose of this package:

  • Help you make an informed decision about whether or not my services are for you before making a big financial investment
  • Have a chance to walk away before you commit to something you don’t want
  • Provide you samples of my work (including what I might ask of you) to give you a better understanding of what it takes to be involved in treatment
  • Give you the opportunity to do relevant preparation for less cost. The more you do before you start the pre-screening process, the more smoothly the process for getting into a group.

It is not for people who:

  • Need an immediate answer for a painful problem right at this moment
  • Do not have the time to give this assignment the attention and thought it really requires
  • Believe that this is a way to replace psychotherapy
  • Are looking for adherent, comprehensive DBT services

How it works:

  • Click here to make the purchase.
  • Provide a valid e-mail address. It is suggested that you do not use an e-mail in a university or work setting that blocks hosting services from sending you the follow up information.
  • Wait for a follow up e-mail in your account. Open and click to activate.
  • Know that e-mail is not considered to be 100% confidential because it is an electronic form of communication, but I do not give out your e-mail to anyone. You will have remain subscribed for about a week to receive all of the information. You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time. If you do not, you may periodically hear from me in the future.
  • I will refund your money within 24 hours after you make the purchase if you are dissatisfied. After that there are no refunds.

What you get

An opportunity to analyze your own behavior. This includes a

  • 16-minute audio
    • Introduction and preparation on how to do the assignment
    • What to analyze and how it will be used for treatment
    • How I approach assessment and intake for group
    • How to get started
  • 6-page question do-it-yourself question worksheet
  • A sample treatment plan based on this assignment

Taking new clients through this assignment generally helps me develop some plans and hypotheses for how treatment will move forward, how I can help, and how you can be on board in the process. The more you do this on the own the more it will help me help you.

A few examples of some of the material covered in the DBT skills groups.

  • What good are emotions, anyway? 3 minute audio and accompanying worksheet
  • My best tips for how to describe behavior when having difficult conversations: 12 minute audio and accompanying worksheet
  • A moment to be mindful: 7 minute audio recording to get in touch with sensations and experience
  • A practical way to unwind and slow down before going to bed at night: a 20-minute audio recording of progressive muscle relaxation

What makes this group work for you?

What you get: Group pre-screening assignment

  • 4 minute audio
  • 2 page worksheet

What does this assignment do?

  • Assess your tolerance for sharing, intimacy, and letting other people in
  • Give both of us ideas on addressing common difficulties in any group setting
  • Be very specific in getting you to think about how you address pain, conflict, and discomfort in relationships- and what you wish to be different
  • Give me information on where you get “stuck” and when you feel “pressed”
  • Help me make the group as therapeutic as I possibly can.

What you need to be informed of regarding my groups:

  • The necessary nuts and bolts can take up time in face-to-face settings.
  • Awareness of risks, expectations, limits of confidentiality, payment policy, and other things you should know before you join.