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Parenting the Emotionally Extreme Teen

How did this class help? “I have learned many skills to be more effective…to validate how I feel…and to be calmer.” 

 In this class you will obtain concrete skills to:

  • Lower intense emotional arousal (yours and theirs)
  • Reduce high conflict interactions
  • Respond wisely (and not in the heat of the moment)
  • Obtain concrete and practical skills to parent and communicate effectively
  • Remain centered, compassionate, and influential
  • Identify core values, generational conflicts, and other hidden aspects from your past that may be impacting your parenting without you knowing it
  • Obtain guidelines from experts on adolescent research and development on what is “normal”

A small group class size decreases a sense of loneliness, allows parents to practice validation strategies together, and enhances effective parenting. This class incorporates in-session practice, handouts, discussion, sharing, videos, and homework. A syllabus outlining content and homework for each class is provided. The material is based on user-friendly worksheets from PhD psychology experts in the field, and includes mindfulness, understanding emotion, getting through extreme/ crisis situations, and interacting/ communicating wisely and effectively.

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