30 Days of Mindfulness

When you purchase 30 days of mindfulnessyou will receive one e-mail a day for 30 days with practical tips, suggestions, and teaching points for using mindfulness in your everyday life.

Here is what one participant said about this program:

“I cannot recommend it enough. I looked forward to opening the e-mail every morning, as I knew it would give me a small boost, a small challenge, a manageable goal. This e-mail process enforces small steps and steady gains.

The daily contact made me feel strong and gave me hope.  I wish throughout my years and years of therapy that something like this had been available to me.  Also, the guided meditation is fantastic.  It provides the direction we so desperately seek, yet it is open-ended enough for anyone to feel comfortable with it.  There is a terrible dependency that develops from years of therapy. This active exchange made me feel competent. I can’t thank you enough for your work. It is an exciting new chapter.”

Why try 30 days of mindfulness?

Learning to be mindful helps people to pay attention to what their body is telling them, bear pain, access important emotional information, and take note of what is going on both on the inside and the outside. Being clear about what is being felt helps to organize experience, be more in touch, and consider different options for handling stress.

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who wants to learn practical, applied mindfulness in a 30-day format. Some of the exercises are designed for persons who struggle with extreme emotions and self-hatred. Because the program involves creative adaptations and incorporates a wide variety of ways to be mindful, this program can be used by

Beginners, who:

  • know absolutely nothing about mindfulness
  • are interested in picking and choosing “what works” at their leisure

People who are learning mindfulness in other settings, and

  • would like to enhance or supplement their learning
  • are struggling to “get” applications of mindfulness in a more applied, concrete, and experiential manner as it relates directly to their lives
  • would like an alternative way of learning mindfulness

People who are quite experienced in teaching/ using mindfulness, and

  • would like refreshers, new ideas, and creative uses of mindfulness
  • are looking for practical alternatives for teaching mindfulness
  • left a treatment in which mindfulness was practiced, but are struggling to “stay mindful” after the fact

How does it work?

Once you make the purchase, you will be asked to provide a valid e-mail address. You should then check your e-mail, which will prompt you to click on a link confirming that you would like to receive the 30 days of mindfulness. Within two days you should receive your first e-mail. E-mails are sent out early in the morning. Please check spam filters. Please be aware that a very small number of the mindfulness activities are audio-recordings and you may have some difficulty accessing them without high-speed internet connections. Cost: $15.00

The purchase and download of any electronic media (eBooks, downloads, handouts, etc.) from Renee Hoekstra, Psy.D and reneehoekstra.com is non-refundable and may not be returned.